Rotary Fire Fighters Home – Immediate Care Apartments
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?  

RFFH provides short-term housing to firefighters, first responders or their immediate family being treated at a health care facility in the Texas Medical Center.  They can be active or retired, professional or volunteer.

What is the cost of the apartment? 

RFFH does NOT charge a fee for the use of any of its apartments. The only cost to a Guest is a $125 cleaning fee for a cleaning service to clean the apartment at check-out.  This cleaning fee should be paid online prior to check in.

How long can I stay in the apartment? 

The minimum stay is three days and the maximum stay is 90 Days.

Can I count on an apartment being available when I need it?

No. When our Guests come to stay with us, they estimate the time they will be here, up to three months. Based on their treatments and response to those treatments, their stays with us vary. Some will be here just a few weeks while others will be with us the whole three months. The availability of an apartment will depend on your need date and our occupancy at the time.

Can I stay in the apartment by myself?

No. Each guest (as defined above) must have an adult (18 or older) with them 24/7.  There is no exception to this requirement.

Can I have my family stay with me?

Yes, however the apartments are small.

Do you have a “waiting list” ? 

We maintain a “Waiting List” on a “first come, first serve” basis. The Waiting List gives us contact information for potential Guests and a date when they expect to need the apartment.

How do I get on the waiting list? 

If we do not have an apartment available for you, you are automatically placed on the waiting list.  We ask that you notify us if you find other accommodations.

Where are the RFFH apartments located?

The RFFH apartments are located at 2222 Maroneal, Houston, TX  77030.

Is there a shuttle service to the Texas Medical Center?

Yes, the Maroneal Apartments provides a shuttle service to the Texas Medical Center.  You will need a shuttle card in order to use the service.  The cost of the shuttle card is $20 and it is good for 20 rides.  The rides can be used as needed.  The cards can be renewed.

How big are the apartments?

Our apartments are all one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments, with a small kitchen, living room, dining area, laundry area and either a small outside area or balcony.

Are the apartments fully furnished? 

Yes, the apartments are fully furnished.  Included in the furnishings are the following:

Dishes, glassware, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, cutlery, salt and pepper shakers;

Bed linens, towel sets, bathmat, small soaps and shampoo;

Smart TVs (large one in living room and small one in bedroom).  Note:  RFFH does not provide cable, however, the smart TVs have a built in Roku, which you can use by logging into your own Roku account.  The TV also has a small antenna which pulls in many local stations;

DVD player attached to TV in the living room;

Wi-fi is provided.  Account info and password provided at check-in.

What type of beds are in the apartments? 

Each apartment has 2 twin beds.

Are the apartments accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes.  The upstairs apartments are easily accessible by elevator.

Are smoking, candles, or animals allowed? 

No animals of any kind and no smoking (including e-Cigarettes and Vaping) or candles are allowed in the apartments, stairwells, or in the common areas at any time. Smoking (including e-Cigarettes and Vaping) in the apartment, stairwells, or in the common areas will result in the immediate termination of a guest’s lease.

Do I have to sign a lease with RFFH to stay in the apartments?

No, you do not have to sign a lease.  You are required, however, to sign our RFFH Resident Agreement.  This agreement includes RFFH Policies, which must be adhered to during your stay.  These must be signed and uploaded at the time of your application.

Is there a geographical requirement based on home address?

There are no residential geographic location requirements for the applicants. It is expected that the majority of those requesting the apartment will be from an area outside of the immediate Houston, TX area.  Firefighters and first responders from around the world qualify to apply.

Will there be anyone to meet me at check-in?

The RFFH Program has “Ambassadors” who will meet you when you arrive.  The Ambassador will check you into the unit, and is available to help if the you have any questions or concerns.

We want to hear from you. Contact us!

Call us at
713-594-6305 for information pertaining to accommodations;
or 713-819-6281 for general information

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