Rotary Fire Fighters Home

"You were there for us — We are here for you"

Rotary Fire Fighters Home

"You were there for us — We are here for you"

Our Mission

Vision and Mission of the Rotary Fire Fighters Home

The mission of the Rotary Fire Fighters Home (RFFH) is to provide temporary, fully-furnished housing at little or no cost to fire fighters, their families or other first responders while they are undergoing treatment at The Texas Medical Center (TMC). This housing will help mitigate a large portion of the financial burden associated with short-term housing required while receiving out-patient treatment.

Who Do We Serve?

We provide support to firefighters seeking work-related cancer treatment at the Texas Medical Center

Why The Need?

Cancer is the leading health issue facing firefighters due to exposure to chemicals during fire fighting.

How We Help

We provide support & housing for firefighter families undergoing cancer care at the Texas Medical Center

Rotary Fire Fighters Home is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable corporation

Who We Serve

Needs of the Fire Fighter Community We Address

RFFH housing is open to firefighters, first responders or immediate family members of a firefighter or first responder, who is undergoing active treatment at the Texas Medical Center (TMC). Both professional and volunteer firefighters may apply. There are no other restrictions based on gender, age, religion, national origin, financial status or language. Nor are there any restrictions as to residence.

Why The Need?

The Unique Medical Issues Faced by Our Fire Fighters

Firefighters have occupational risks from exposure to toxins and hazardous chemicals. As a result, firefighters suffer illnesses, particularly cancers, at a statistically higher rate than the average population. Specialized treatment for these illnesses often requires an extended stay near the Texas Medical Center. The cost of hotels and short-time housing for patients and their families coming to Houston for such treatment can be crippling and health insurance usually does not cover lodging expenses.


Percent of Line-of-Duty Deaths to Cancer


% of Firefighters Diagnosed with Cancer


Increased Chance of a Cancer Diagnosis


Increase of a Cancer Related Death

How You Can Help

Your Donations Impact the Lives of Our Fire Fighters

The Rotary Fire Fighters Home can only help our first-responders with your help! We need donations to cover the costs of hosting firefighter families. There’s already a growing wait-list of firefighters in need of medical care. Our ability to meet those needs are limited only by your donations.

We also need volunteers. Those with time and interest to help work with firefighter families, help maintain our current housing facilities and to support our fundraising efforts. Everything from electrical and plumbing skills to Social Media and interior design skills are needed.

There’s also a need for those who can open doors. Do you have access to a club or organization that can offer volunteers? Or perhaps a company willing to provide materials or support setting up and maintain our housing facilities? We need those who can help us make connections and spread the work.


Volunteer your special expertise and time to grow and support our project.


Sponsorships, in-kind offers of supplies & materials as well direct donations.


Help us make connections and create partnerships. Does your firm have a foundation?

Our Current Facility

Location of Our Current Rotary Fire Fighter Home

Rotary Fire Fighters Home
8181 Fannin Street
Houston, Texas 77054
In the Heart of the Texas Medical Center in Houston

Rotary Fire Fighters Home

Our Future Plans

We are housing firefighter families right now today! But our future plans include developing a dedicated purpose-built facility to support and house firefighters and their families in the Texas Medical Center.

The People We Help

Aaron Scott Hughs’ Tells His Story

Contact Us

Contact Us If You Have A Need or Questions

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